Maximize Collections with Complete Eligibility Verification

Is your medical practice suffering financial losses due to payment problems like these?

  • Unpaid post-visit patient balances
  • Claim rejections due to patient eligibility errors
  • Denials due to billing the wrong payer (e.g. Medicare denial codes CO 24 and 120)
  • Staff expenses for verification and collection
We offer you a superior solution and a dramatic increase in profitability.
  • Our unique verification process and exception reporting can reduce insurance denials by as much as 50%
  • Our Patient Estimator and 'card-on-file' Patient Payment Processing can dramatically reduce patient bad debt and improve front-office collections
How do we do it?
  • We combine advanced technology with proprietary processes to bring unprecedented verification and collection efficiency to physicians offices, imaging centers and ambulatory  surgery centers.
  • We offer a one-stop solution for complete verification of patient eligibility, determination of patient obligation, and facilitation of payment.




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"Utilizing pVerify’s automated verification service, we are able to validate our patient’s benefits thoroughly and consistently in advance of their visit...This allows us to identify issues relating to patient’s coverage and take corrective action before the patient being seen..I highly recommend pVerify eligibility solutions for any busy practice"

Albert Castillo

Director of Finance and Business Development, Ophthalmology Associates of San Antonio and Chairman, American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives